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Best Budget Food for Students

UpMeals at SFU

Between schoolwork, studying for exams and paying tuition fees, it can be difficult for students to eat healthily. Eating healthy can be incredibly challenging for a student on a tight budget. Still, the right tips will help balance the demands of student life and eating healthy.

Stick To Whole Foods

Fruit, vegetables, whole grains, proteins and good fats are the way to go, and these items are generally affordable when you shop at grocery stores. You can also grab bananas, oatmeal and quinoa as snacks, as these are healthy and delicious and will prevent you from snacking on junk while studying and staying up late. Planning your meals will also help you stay on track because you will not gravitate toward junk food and can stick to your weekly food budget.

Buy Foods That Are In Season

To avoid high grocery bills, stick to foods that are in season, and if you find your favourite fruits or vegetables at great prices, buy more and freeze them, so you can use them in meals on a different day. Students on a budget need to make an effort to preserve their food to prevent them from going bad.

Buy Nuts In Bulk

If you want to eat a healthy and delicious snack, nuts are the perfect choice because they are packed with nutrients essential for the brain. They contain vitamin E and zinc, keeping you fuelled throughout your study sessions while improving your brain function. There are so many kinds of nuts which are a great source of healthy fat, protein and fibre, and they are often on sale so keep your eye out for bulk bags so that you can enjoy this snack all semester long.

Eggs For Breakfast

Eggs are very affordable and perfect for students because of the variety of nutrients they contain. They are rich in nutrients necessary for brain function so that you may experience improved coordination, memory, cognition and motor performance. Also, eggs contain lutein, a carotenoid pigment associated with improved visual and mental function. Students will benefit tremendously from this food, which is excellent for a healthy lifestyle and your wallet.

Don’t Forget To Drink Plenty Of Water

There is no need to spend money on drinks because water is free and healthy! Purchase a quality reusable water bottle and use the water fountains around your campus. Not only will this save you a ton of money, but you will also remain healthy and not rely on sugary drinks full of calories. 

Here at UpMeals, we care about your health and offer healthy prepared meals at fair prices. We understand the importance of eating healthy and make this a convenient possibility. You can customize our meal kits based on your unique dietary preferences, and our weekly menu will provide you with exciting and affordable options. If you are in Canada, you can search for your specific postal code for food delivery services from UpMeals to your dorm or apartment. Visit our weekly menu page to learn more about our food delivery services!

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