Modern Catering by UpMeals is a fully automated online platform designed to streamline corporate catering and meal planning. It allows companies to seamlessly order catering for meetings, and to set up customizable daily meal plans for their employees, which can be subsidized or partially subsidized by the company. 

Modern Catering by UpMeals offers two ordering modes for meetings:

Organizer Mode: The meeting organizer selects a set menu for all attendees based on the meeting’s budget and attendees’ dietary preferences.

Invitee Mode: Attendees receive an invitation to select their own meals within the budget parameters set by the organizer. Our algorithm recommends options based on individual preferences, but attendees can choose any meal they like.

A Weekly Meal Plan is a customizable workplace meal service offered by Modern Catering by UpMeals. It allows companies to provide their employees with access to a wide variety of meal options, selected and delivered daily to the workplace. Here’s how it works:

Customizable Setup: The company creates the Meal Plan through the system, defining the specifics like available days and subsidy amount (if desired), then invites employees to join.

Employee Preferences: Team members personalize their profiles with their allergies and dietary preferences, and our system aligns daily meal suggestions with their tastes and dietary needs.

Daily Delivery: Employees receive daily deliveries in line with their selections and workdays, catering to part-time or full-time schedules. Meal

Subsidized Options: Employers can choose to fully or partially subsidize the plan, boosting employee morale and wellness.

Choice and Control: Employees can adjust their weekly menu from a diverse selection of 100+ meals, treats, and snacks

Eco-conscious Packaging: We prioritize sustainability with eco-friendly packaging for all meals. Each meal is professionally labeled and also includes each team member’s name for hassle-free distribution at the office.

With Weekly Meal Plans, companies invest in their team’s health and productivity, providing a seamless, nourishing dining experience at work.

For team members: Each team member will pay for their own portion of the meal plan directly within the platform after making their selections. We accept credit, debit and PayPal payments. 

For companies: If a company has chosen to subsidize a Weekly Meal plan, they will be billed weekly for the company-subsidized portion of the total orders for the week placed by team members.

If the company has credit terms established, they will receive a detailed weekly invoice for the subsidized portion of the meal plan. 

If paying by credit card, UpMeals will place a pre-authorization on the card each day for the accumulated company portion as team members place their orders.

If the pre-authorization fails, we will notify the company by email so they can resolve any issues with the payment method and UpMeals will attempt to place the pre-auth again within 24h.

Every Friday following the order cutoff, we will charge the company-subsidized portion to the payment method. If the payment fails, the company will be notified and we will attempt to charge the payment method again within 24h. If the payment fails again, we will cancel the week’s delivery, and notify the team members. We will also issue refunds to team members that have already paid for their orders.

Modern Catering by UpMeals is currently available in the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia. Stay tuned for UpMeals to expand to your area in the near future!

We offer over 100 meal options including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and other dietary-specific choices to accommodate the diverse needs of your team.

Once you’re invited to Modern Catering, you’ll be prompted to set your dietary preferences in your profile. Whenever you’re invited to a meeting, our system will auto-recommend meals for you based on your preferences. You can update your preferences at any time in your profile.

Meals arrive fresh in individual eco-friendly packaging with CFIA-compliant, tamper-evident labels, ensuring safety and ease of distribution at your workplace.

Our team of UpMeals drivers will ensure your order is delivered promptly and professionally. Products will be organized in insulated bins, and our driver will assist in unloading and setting up the products at the meeting location.

Any meal designed to be enjoyed warm comes with simple heating instructions and can be conveniently heated in a microwave in about 2 minutes.

If you’ve made selections for a Weekly Meal plan or an Invitee Mode meeting, each meal will arrive with a secondary label that displays the name of the employee that meal belongs to, as well as other relevant information such as the date, meeting name, etc. 

We take food allergies and sensitivities seriously. When you set up your dietary preferences, include any allergies, and our system will avoid recommending or including those items in your meal plan. You can view any meal’s complete ingredients and nutritional information at any time on our platform, or filter the meals by dietary preferences.

Yes, companies can choose to fully or partially subsidize the cost of meals for their employees as part of our Weekly Meal Plan service.

For meetings, there is a minimum order amount of $125. Weekly meal plans are subject to a minimum daily order requirement of $100 per day. If an individual day’s order doesn’t meet the minimum, we will notify you in advance. You can choose to either cancel the delivery for that day or pay an under-minimum delivery fee of $40.

In the event of a payment error or failed pre-authorization for a Weekly Meal Plan, the meal plan organizer will be alerted to update the payment method. If not resolved by the ordering cutoff, meal deliveries for the next week may be canceled. For meetings, a payment is required to secure and confirm the booking.

Orders can be edited or cancelled directly through the platform. Simply go to your “Meetings” or “Meal Plans” dashboard through the admin panel to make changes before the specified cutoff date and time for your meal plan or meeting.

For meal plans: Any selections cancelled before the weekly cutoff of 4 pm on Friday are done so free of charge.

For meetings: Meetings cancelled before the cutoff date for the meeting are done so free of charge.

If cancelled after the cutoff but more than 24 hours before the meeting, a 50% charge of the total order applies.

If cancelled within 24 hours or less before the meeting start time, full charges apply as the meals will already be in production.

If an attendee does not make a meal selection before the cutoff, our system will automatically confirm the auto-recommended meal based on their dietary preferences.

Each invited guest to a meeting will be prompted to decline the meeting if they are unable to attend. This will update your meeting automatically so the correct amount of meals is prepared, reducing food waste. Attendees can also rejoin a meeting if they originally cancelled, but later are available to attend.

Our customer support team is ready to assist you. Contact us at support@upmeals.ca for any inquiries or assistance.