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UpMeals Enters Exclusive Licensing Agreement with SMRT1 Technologies

SMRT1 Technologies App Interface

Today, UpMeals is pleased to announce that we have entered into an exclusive five-year licensing agreement with SMRT1 Technologies, enabling UpMeals to create and own all new technology features and IP that are built for our unique fresh food vending platform. 

Currently, UpMeals’ proprietary software provides automation for all levels of the creative, production, ordering and delivery processes, empowering users to create plans for meals nearing their expiry date and build menus based on the popularity of food items. The new licensed technology will allow UpMeals to develop new and innovative features specific to the SmartVending machines themselves. 

“This strategic licensing agreement allows us to develop and scale the customer-facing technology side of the UpMeals platform, providing our team endless opportunities to push our innovation limits,” said Drew Munro, Co-Founder and CEO of UpMeals. “We also now have full exclusivity and right of first refusal for any fresh food vending competitors that may enter the space using the SMRT1 Technologies software.”

The SMRT1 Technologies software empowers users to manage their machines and products, track inventory, monitor and analyze critical data, generate insightful reports, and schedule and manage service calls. The UpMeals development team will be leveraging the technology to update and develop new customer facing features such as an eCommerce style experience, as well as new mobile app features including a ‘view machines near me’ function; ‘view available items, order, pay & reserve online’; customizable dietary preferences and nutritional goals; and, loyalty points and refer a friend bonuses. 

“We’re excited to partner with UpMeals on this to provide them with a convenient, accessible, and trusted automated self-service solution,” said Terry Van Horn, SMRT1 Technologies CEO. “The technology will revolutionize the way UpMeals connects with customers.”

Learn more about our SmartVending solution.

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