Everyone loves some dairy-free milk in our coffee, smoothies, baking recipes, and just plain in a cup. There are lots of great options out there in the market to choose from, but most of them have some added ingredients that you may be trying to avoid, or maybe you want to cut cost and waste by making your own. Whatever the case, here are three super easy, super clean, plant-based milk recipes you can try out at home.

Almond Milk

Almond milk is a classic and crowd favourite so we’ll start with this one. 

You can use this fresh almond milk in your baking creations. Try it in this vegan chocolate peppermint mousse next time you’re craving a healthy treat!

Vegan milk substitutes. Cashew milk, almond milk. oat milk.

Cashew Hemp Milk

Oat Milk

Get Creative

Don’t throw out your nut pulp! The leftover pulp from your milk can be used to make delicious recipes like these almond pulp brownie balls. The pulp can also be dried on a sheet in the oven at low heat and used as flour for grain-free baking!

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Spices for plant-based milk recipes

You can play with the water to nut/oat ratio in all of these recipes depending on how concentrated you want the flavor. Err on the side of less water though. You can always add more water to the milk when you finish, but if it’s too watery off the bat you’ll have to do some more soaking, blending, and straining. 

Feel free to experiment with different combinations, flavourings and sweeteners for these drinks. Different nut and seed medleys work great for plan-based drinks. 

Here are some options to sweeten and flavour your milks.



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