You’ve heard it over and over again: Breakfast is the most important meal. Having a balanced breakfast is key to starting a good day and keeping your energy at optimal levels so that you can tackle whatever the day brings. We have put together a few ideas you can whip up quickly before you are off to work or school.

The key for a successful breakfast (and any meal really) is to make it a balanced one, meaning that it provides a variety of the nutrients your body needs to thrive. A balanced meal is one that has enough protein, fats, and carbohydrates to help keep your body and mind functioning properly, avoiding the spikes and crashes of blood sugar levels that can happen after less healthy choices. Yes, we are talking about donuts for breakfast and the likes… although delicious, this is far from a balanced meal and will most likely make your blood sugar levels go crazy. This can mess with your mood, your ability to focus, your energy levels, and in the long run your health and wellbeing.

We know you are busy, and that sometimes grabbing a bagel and a coffee on the way to work is the only thing you can manage. So here are two options for a healthy, at-home breakfast you can whip up in just a few minutes while still nourishing your body.

Overnight Oats

Nothing better than breakfast being ready before you even wake up. Overnight oats are a great option for early mornings when you’d rather sleep in an extra 15 minutes then have to get up and cook. You can also get quite creative with your oats and try all sorts of different flavours to keep it fresh! We’ll walk you through the basics so that you can then explore and find your favourite combination for every mood and occasion.

The basics

What you’ll need:

Mix your oats with your milk of choice in the jar. You can change the ratio depending on the consistency you like adding
more oats (or less milk) to make it thicker and increasing the liquid if you like your oats a little more runny.

Time to get creative!

Just oats and milk can be quite plain, and you’d also be lacking a lot of nutritional value. So the next step is to
spice up your oats with some great healthy toppings.

To add some protein:
To add some fats:
To add some flavour and micro nutrients:




Add your toppings into your jar and tada! Your oats are ready to place in the fridge and eat the next day.

Here are a few tips for toppings:

Quick One Pan Egg Scramble

If you have a little more time to cook, a one-pan egg scramble is an easy and delicious option. Here are some ideas for you to create your next quick-but-healthy breakfast.

Homemade Organic Southwestern Egg Scramble with Toast

What you’ll need:

Tip: For some added healthy fats drizzle some olive oil or top with some avocado. This will keep you feeling fuller for longer and will give you some extra energy.

Vegan Scramble Option

Tofu is a great option if you don’t eat eggs or just want to try something new. You’ll just need to swap your eggs for some tofu. For best results try a firm or extra firm organic tofu.

Crumble ¼–½ of a cup of tofu in a bowl and mix with your spices. Then when your vegetables have cooked for a few
minutes add the tofu onto the pan and mix with the rest of the ingredients.

No need to worry about fully cooking tofu as it is safe to eat raw. Just heat it up with the rest of your vegetables and add your leafy greens at the end like you would with the eggs.

Serve and enjoy!

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