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SmartVending: The latest food tech trend and why you need one in your office

It is 2021 and time to go smart! In a world of smartphones, smartwatches, smart cars, and beyond, old-school, frequently stuck vending machines are starting to look archaic. It is time to step into the future of food vending. This is why we have created UpMeals unique SmartVending solutions: More than just a healthy vending machine for your office! SmartVending is the perfect way to have custom, healthy meals accessible 24/7 through technology. 

If you’re wondering why you would need a fancy vending machine at your place of work just picture this: 

You’ve been at work for four hours, you’re hungry and ready to take a quick lunch break before your next meeting. BUT, it was a hectic morning you didn’t bring lunch with you. So you go to your office vending machine hoping to get something somewhat healthy to call “lunch”. A bag of chips seems to be your best choice. *sigh*  

Healthy smart vending machine for your office

If this has happened to you, it is definitely happening to the rest of your workforce. So why not improve everyone’s lunch experience?

What if you could level up your office vending machine to be stocked with healthy and delicious, chef-prepared meals designed to meet your team’s preferences? 

And while we’re at it, why not give it a smart interactive touch screen, contactless payment, and software that can help you track sales? 

Intrigued? Keep on reading to see how SmartVending is boosting wellness efforts in the corporate space and changing the world of healthy food accessibility. 

The Challenges of Healthy Eating in Corporate Settings

Here is the reality: Despite the clear advantages of a healthy diet in workforce productivity, many corporate offices don’t offer healthy eating options for their employees.  

Why? This is not out of a lack of will. Usually, employers are faced with a bunch of challenges when it comes to feeding their workforce. If you have tried to come up with a way to provide great food options to your team, these issues may sound familiar:

Challenge # 1: Way Too Expensive! 

Yes, you’re all about wellness and healthy eating, and would love to give your team (and yourself) access to healthy food. You have tried meal delivery from quality local restaurants and healthy catering options, but these have quickly added up in cost. 

With meal delivery apps averaging at 15-20CAD per person (plus tax and delivery fee) and lunch catering sitting at around 20-25CAD per person, the numbers can quickly add up. 

SmartVending Solution: Save Big! 

Save up to 50% compared to traditional catering or meal delivery services using our innovative system. You can also use your SmartVending machine as a new revenue stream.  You set the prices for each item. 

Additionally, you can stop spending money on food that won’t be eaten! Our software tracks real-time sales and helps you learn about your employees’ eating habits and preferences. This way you can scale down on less popular items to avoid waste and ensure that your favorites are always in stock. 

Challenge # 2: Complicated Schedule Logistics

Let’s be real here. Most people today don’t work on a traditional 9-5 schedule anymore. And a lot of your workforce might only be coming into the office some days of the week. So how do you schedule for a catering company to serve a meal when lunchtime and workdays look so different for every employee? Tricky right? 

All of this guesswork can end in tons of wasted food, unnecessary costs, and added stress. 

SmartVending Solution: Boost Productivity and Save Time

Our team will deal with delivery, maintenance, and stocking logistics so that you can focus on doing great work. Your machine will be stocked with fresh food 24/7 so that you and your team can access healthy, delicious meals at any time. 

Challenge #3: So Many Dietary Preferences!

There are probably hundreds of different dietary preferences, allergens, and health goals among your team. You can’t ask a catering company to plan meals to suit vegan, keto, gluten-free, and paleo eaters all at once. How can you make all of your team happy with options that work for everyone? 

SmartVending Solution: Something For Everyone! 

We work with a team of professional chefs and nutritionists to create custom meals that fit your team’s preferences. Our menu lineups can be built with plenty of options that fit specific diets like pant based or keto and have plenty of allergen-friendly options so that everyone can find something that works for them. 

Challenge # 4: Safely Feeding Your Team 

SmartVending safely stocked with healthy meals

Safety is top of mind these days. In our new reality with COVID-19 and moving forward, we have to plan for added safety measures when it comes to food accessibility. So even if catering is your preferred solution, bringing in extra personnel into your workspace is probably not the safest option. 

SmartVending Solution: Safe and Convenient 

With contact-free payment options and sealed products, this solution makes healthy eating safe and convenient as we navigate COVID-19 and moving forward into a more safety-aware reality. 

Challenge # 5: Having your own solution is just a lot of work!

So you have stepped away from the idea of spending unnecessary money on daily UberEats orders and complicated catering services that can put your team at risk. Now you’ve decided to create your own great solution with input from your whole team to make everyone happy. 

And, after all, you could add your awesome brand to the packaging of your meals! 

It sounds like a great idea and everyone is excited about it until you realize you have to go through several third parties to create these products. 

One to design and produce the meals, another to package them, and a design team to produce your own unique labels. Yeah, that’s A LOT of work! 

SmartVending Solution: A complete branded wellness solution with minimal effort

Our team of chefs, nutritionists, and designers work together to create your one-stop-shop solution. We take care of everything from meal preparation to branded label design, user interface, and the machine itself. 

Showcase your brand through your awesome custom SmartVending machine in 4 easy steps: 

  • Fill in a questionnaire: so we can learn about what foods you and your team like best
  • Pick your menu choices: From your survey answers we create a sample menu that you can change and customize. You know your team better than we do, so we work together to find the best fit.
  • Approve the designs: Our designers will work with you to get the perfect look for your labels, screen interface, and machine design. 
  • Install and enjoy: Once your solution is ready our operations team will deal with installation and setup so you can start saving and enjoy healthy meals immediately. Your machine will be stocked weekly with fresh meals delivered on a flexible schedule. You pick the best day and we’ll be there!

Learn more about our corporate solution!

Branded healthy meals for office vending machine.

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