Best Budget Food for Students

UpMeals at SFU

Between schoolwork, studying for exams and paying tuition fees, it can be difficult for students to eat healthily. Eating healthy can be incredibly challenging for a student on a tight budget. Still, the right tips will help balance the demands of student life and eating healthy. Stick To Whole Foods Fruit, vegetables, whole grains, proteins […]

How to Meal-Prep & Take Back Your Time

Meal prepping allows you to remain healthy while on-the-go. Time and time again, many individuals find themselves making a pit stop at the closest fast food restaurant and feel trapped with this sub-par nutritional option. After all, you are what you eat—consuming processed, greasy fast food on a consistent basis will lead to increased body […]

10 Rules For A Healthy Gut

Here are 10 rules (five “dos” and five “don’ts”) to support your gut microbiome to keep healthy levels of bacteria and other necessary agents that keep our guts functioning well. 

Are Food Marketing Strategies Keeping Us Unhealthy?

The rise of chronic diseases is linked to our eating habits, and our eating habits are linked to what we’re exposed to. The way food is being marketed may be causing more harm than good, and the food industry doesn’t have our health as a priority.