This episode features CY Iwanegbe, life coach, fitness expert, and founder of BRIO – an online wellness platform designed to help individuals unlock their super strength from within. Together with renowned chef and UpMeals CEO Drew Munro, they explore how CY’s experiences and adversities transformed him to find his true calling of motivating people to […]

Breath, Eat, and Relax

Satori Clarke is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a devoted practitioner of Conscious Connected Breathwork. She joins us to share her perspective on exploring the connectedness of food, mind, body and mental health with our CEO, Drew Munro. Our conversation with Satori touches on everything from the complexity of our neural systems and mechanisms all […]

Food, Healing, and Independence

Nihal Elwan is the Founder and CEO of Tayybeh, a social enterprise that empowers Syrian refugee chefs by providing an opportunity for employment, financial independence, and a sense of community, all while offering delicious and authentic local Syrian cuisine. In this episode, Nihal Elwan shares her experience founding Tayybeh, her incredible career fighting for woman’s […]

Vegan Vietnamese Cuisine and the Plant-Based Revolution

Chef Kim Vo arrived as a refugee in Canada at the age of 2. She now runs a plant-based Vietnamese ghost kitchen and catering concept. Her experiences with food at a young age were the inspiration behind the launch of her innovative take on classic Vietnamese dishes. Learn more about her story of overcoming adversity […]

Human Connection Through Food in Pandemic

The hospitality industry has been one of the hardest-hit industries during the pandemic. In this episode, our CEO, Drew Munro talks to Kevin Mazzone, General Manager of Lazy Gourmet Catering & Events about how the pandemic has transformed businesses and how human connection through food has survived via catered virtual events. “You have to schedule […]

Artistic Approach to Life in the Mind of a Chef

Evan Elman is the owner of Vancouver Private Dining, Co-Owner of Urban Tadka, and Executive Chef at Dinner in the Sky Canada. He and our CEO Drew Munro dive deep into the thoughts behind decisions leading to becoming the Gary Vaynerchuk of cooking. “I try to be completely open to new opportunities and people. All […]

Reimagine a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

Brad Pommen is the President and Founder of SMRT1 Technologies. He and our CEO Drew Munro talk about the journey to upcycle a multi-billion vending industry, building technology that retrofits onto almost any vending machine in the world, powering them with incredible data analytics and allowing them to move into exciting new markets. “The idea […]

Quick Tips For A Healthier Gut

A healthy gut is the key to optimal health! In this episode, Sam and Natalia dive into the importance of gut health and a few tips you can start implementing now to support your gut so that you can feel your best. “80% of your immune system is working in the gut.” – Natalia Want […]

Drew Munro: The Future of Healthy Food Accessibility

The Wellness Hub is joined by the CEO and co-founder of UpMeals Drew Munro to talk about how this Vancouver-based company is disrupting the modern food industry and providing access to healthy food 24/7 through innovative technology. “My passion has always been to nourish people and to use food as a vehicle to bring joy […]