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Healthy Holiday Dessert: Minty Chocolate Mousse (Vegan + GF)

Christmas is just around the corner, so how about surprising your family with this super easy, vegan minty chocolate mousse?

We love a good dessert, and if it’s also healthy it is guaranteed to steal our hearts. This creamy mousse is packed with healthy fats, made with simple, all-natural ingredients, and has no refined sugars. It is also vegan and gluten-free!

You can whip this up in no time for a quick holiday dessert. Top it with your favourite toppings for some added texture and crunch and enjoy!

Vegan Chocolate Peppermint Mousse (Vegan + Gluten Free)

Yield: 6 Servings


800 gr avocado

280 gr agave nectar

125 gr raw cacao powder

100 ml organic coconut oil

100 ml unsweetened almond milk

10 ml natural peppermint extract (optional)

5 gr vanilla extract

2 gr salt

Combine all ingredients into your blender. Blend on high power until fully incorporated, light, and airy. Place into cups or bowls and refrigerate to set.

Get creative with some toppings!

Once your mousse is set and ready to eat, you can experiment with different toppings to make it beautiful, tasty, and give it an extra crunch. Here are some of our favorite options:

Your favourite granola

Shredded Coconut

Cacao Nibs

Natural Peppermint Candies (holiday season)

Dried Fruits, Berries, etc


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